Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is characterized by abdominal pain. Other symptoms include cramping, gas, diarrhea, constipation or bloating. Irritable bowel syndrome affects the colon or the large bowel. Irritable bowel syndrome is not a disease but a functional disorder. Irritable bowel syndrome means that the bowel is not functionally properly or correctly.

The cause of Irritable bowel syndrome is still a mystery; doctors are not able to give a proper answer for the cause of Irritable bowel syndrome. Those affected have sensitive nerves and muscles in their bowel, i.e., muscles that contract too much when eating. Such contractions cause diarrhea and cramping after a meal or during meal. The reason for cramping or pain is that the nerves may react while the bowel is stretching. Irritable bowel syndrome is very painful but not dangerous for other organs or does not lead to more health problems.

Chronic diarrhea or constipation, mucus, which is in white color in your stool, swollen abdomen or an uneasy feeling in your stomach are symptoms.

Women with Irritable bowel syndrome suffer more symptoms during their menstrual periods.

Doctor may find that you have Irritable bowel syndrome due to its symptoms. The most specific of Irritable bowel syndrome is a Rome criterion that is widely used for diagnosis of Irritable bowel syndrome. The best ways to diagnosis is undergoing medical tests after every six months. The medical tests you need to undergo for Irritable Bowel Syndrome are Lower gastrointestinal (GI) series and Colonoscopy. In lower gastrointestinal (GI) series, x-rays are you to diagnose the problem. Where as in colonoscopy the doctor inserts a long thin tube with a camera into your colon. Doctors can view inside the colon with the help of the camera on the screen.

Treatment means a proper diet, taking medicines on time, taking less stress. Diet for Irritable bowel syndrome do not include fatty foods, French fries is the enemy. Ice cream, cheese, chocolate, alcohol, soft drinks, coffee are allies making Irritable bowel syndrome worse. Your diet must be according to the food pyramid. Apples and peaches are favorable to Irritable bowel syndrome. Vegetables like broccoli and cabbage are also good. Intake of cereals and beans like kidney beans and lima beans help to take care of Irritable bowel syndrome. Doctors suggest taking fibre pills or drinking water with high-fiber powder. Eating small meals for Irritable bowel syndrome is helpful.

Medicines suggested by doctors should be taken on time for Irritable bowel syndrome.

Keeping you busy with less stressful work like your hobbies help Irritable bowel syndrome to be away from you to some extent.

The method of hypnosis is also used for the treatment of Irritable bowel syndrome. You don’t need to make special accommodations in your busy schedule to fit in hypnosis sessions, so there’s no question of taking medical leaves. You can begin hypnosis to treat IBS right at home. You simply need to download hypnosis for IBS and listen to your MP3. This will help you relax and transcend., you will reach a new level of peace and concentration where stress and the irritable present condition do not bother you.

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  1. Gail says:

    Great article thanks for that. Got a few tips from here

  2. Garry says:

    I have a close friend who was suffering from IBS Hers was an extreme condition. There where few foods she could eat. Her weight fell from 55kg to 40kg.and was continuing to fall until she began hypnosis. After 3 months her weight went up to 50kg and she is able to eat most foods again. I purchased an audio program for her created by an English Hypnotherapist Michael Mahoney. I have no association with Michael and this is not an affiliate link. This program saved my friends life.

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